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Throughout the history of the Champions League, the two green giants of Bayern and Barcelona absolutely have the supreme status-these two teams have won the Champions League 5 times before, and this season the Champions League has insisted on winning the Champions League by the other 4 teams. The number of times is "0". In other words, no matter which team Bayern and Barcelona have the last laugh in this matchup, they will be the only team with Champions League championship experience in the semi-finals of this season.

在欧洲冠军联赛的整个历史中,拜仁和巴塞罗那这两个绿色巨人绝对享有至高无上的地位-这两个球队之前曾5次获得欧洲冠军联赛冠军,而本赛季欧洲冠军联赛则坚持要求对方赢得欧洲冠军联赛4支队伍。次数是“ 0”。换句话说,无论拜仁和巴塞罗那哪支球队在这场对决中笑到最后,他们都是本赛季半决赛唯一一支拥有冠军联赛冠军经历的球队。

Another more shocking statistic is that Bayern and Barcelona have played a total of 10 times in the history of the European game. Bayern seems to have 6 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses, but the two teams faced off 4 times in the knockout stage (8 Matches), the final record is 2 advancements each.


Especially after these 4 European knockout rounds, as long as the teams that can advance smoothly, they eventually won the European Championship in that season, which made the knockout matchup between the two teams "since ancient times" the final meaning.


First of all, from the perspective of this season's trend, Bayern's continued hot state after the coaching change is obvious to all.


Just look at entering 2020, Bayern, under the leadership of coach Frick, can be called the best team in world football. In the past 27 games, Bayern has achieved an impressive record of 26 wins and 1 draw.


Among them, since the Bundesliga took the lead in the rematch due to the suspension of the epidemic, Bayern has won the Bundesliga and the German Cup this season with a winning streak. At the same time, Bayern also shines in the UEFA Champions League and has maintained a full victory in 8 games in the group stage so far, including the classic battles that beat Chelsea and Tottenham.


However, the cold water to be poured here is that Bayern has always been regarded as a "flower in the greenhouse" for many years, causing the team to always make mistakes in the Champions League (such as losing to Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals two years ago).


In addition, the early end of the Bundesliga led to a direct interruption of the continuity of each team's state. Previously, the coaches of the eliminated pharmaceutical factories and Wolfsburg in the Europa League have been frank: the nearly 40-day rest period has made it difficult for players to quickly return to the rhythm of the game, which puts forward requirements on whether Bayern can continue to play high standards at the league level. After all, Chelsea, which had previously been staffed, did not let Bayern undergo a severe test.


Looking at Barcelona's performance again, the turning point this season has also been a midway coaching change but full of controversy.


Since new coach Setien took over the team, Barcelona has not achieved the positive effect of a coach change such as a knife change. Among them, at the league level, Barcelona scored 7 wins, 3 draws and 1 loss in 11 games after the rematch. In the end, they were overtaken by Real Madrid in the standings and lost the league title. This caused Setien's coaching position to be unstable.


Even so, Setien eventually received high-level support and was able to continue to lead the team in the Champions League.


It cannot be denied that Barcelona’s performance this season has indeed shown an unstable side. This is also an important reason for the team’s loss of domestic championships. However, Barcelona, ​​which is still strong, may often make mistakes when facing underdogs at the league level. Shows stability and strong play.


Among them, Barcelona, ​​which is deeply trapped in the death group, beat Dortmund and Inter with an undefeated record to take the lead in the group. After the Champions League rematch, the outside world once wanted to see Barcelona jokes, but Barcelona, ​​who adjusted back to the best condition, still won 3-1 Naples and advanced to the quarterfinals without the generals.


Comparing the overall performance and results of the two teams this season, Bayern seems to have an advantage over Barcelona. But look at the difficulty of the two teams in the domestic arena, the previous league (domestic cup) record should not be too much reference.


At the same time, who would dare to deny the strength of this star-studded Barcelona? As the former Bayern player Vidal, who currently plays for Barcelona, ​​said that although Bayern has achieved "amazing development" under the leadership of Flick, Barcelona is "the best team in the world. Let us wait and see who will take over the game." ."

同时,谁敢否认这个星光熠熠的巴塞罗那的实力?正如目前效力于巴塞罗那的前拜仁球员维达尔所说,尽管拜仁在弗里克的领导下取得了惊人的发展,但巴塞罗那是``世界上最好的球队。让我们拭目以待,谁来接手游戏。” 。”

Different from Bayern's "high profile" under the media rendering, the Barcelona side before the game looked particularly calm. It is not difficult to understand that Barcelona is indeed not as popular as its opponents in this matchup. A low-key response before the game is the best strategy for Barcelona, ​​which continues to be turbulent this season.


However, Barcelona's rare low-key is more rare and scary (think Chelsea in 2012). Some Western media reported before the game that the excessive praise of Bayern from the outside world aroused the fighting spirit of the Barcelona soldiers, who are eager to defeat the Bundesliga giants and go further in the Champions League.


Of course, Messi’s strong motivation cannot be ignored. Although Barcelona has changed coaches midway this season, Messi's state continues to be excellent, personally handed over 25 goals and 21 assists at the league level "double 20" data.


In the Champions League game against Naples, Messi's proud performance is even more solo savior. Not only did he create a penalty shot, but the most outstanding thing was the brilliant scores after consecutive breakthroughs and several defensive players.


As we all know, Messi followed Barcelona to win the Champions League 4 times before. Among the active players, only Ronaldo has won the Champions League more than him.


Today, Messi is only three wins away from Ronaldo's five Champions League record. Therefore, as long as they win the next 3 games in a row, Messi will win the Champions League five times. After missing the domestic championship one after another, we can see that Messi has shown a strong desire for the Champions League this season.


This season, Bayern quickly returned to the right track after a coaching change, and it was inseparable from Flick's formal tactical return after taking over the coach.


In terms of formation, Frick’s first approach is to completely return the team to the most familiar 4231 position; in terms of tactics, the two wings driven by the 4231 formation become the key to Bayern’s rise; in terms of personnel, return to the best position. Mueller released himself and activated Lewand in the same state, and the two won the Bundesliga assists and top scorer this season.


In addition, Flick fixed a combination of defenses and released players' vitality.


This shows that Bayern's current tactical system has matured. Therefore, before this game, the Bayern starting lineup given by many media is almost the same: As Paval is definitely out of this game, the combination of Kimmich + Boateng + Alaba + Davis has been fixed, Tia Go and Gretzka partnered with the midfielder, and the "20,000" combination continued to top the front line, and the only possible variable for the team was who and Gnabry were separated on both sides. Koman, who is currently looking back from injury, is more likely.

这表明拜仁目前的战术体系已经成熟。因此,在这场比赛之前,许多媒体给出的拜仁先发阵容几乎是相同的:由于帕瓦尔绝对不在这场比赛中,金米奇+博阿滕+阿拉巴+戴维斯的组合已经确定,蒂亚·戈和格雷茨卡与中场合作,“ 20,000”组合继续名列前茅,这支球队唯一可能的变数是谁和纳纳布利在两侧分开。目前正从伤痛回望的科曼更有可能。

Different from Bayern's fixed system, various media have different predictions for Barcelona's starting formation in this game.


In fact, since Setien took over Barcelona, ​​in order to solve the defensive and offensive problems (such as Griezmann's position), Barcelona's classic 433 formation and other formations were used in turns.


Among them, 442 play seems to have achieved some results. Because of this, the "Daily Sports" considering that Vidal and Busquets will return from the lifting of the ban, predicts that Barcelona will change 442 in this campaign, increasing the number of midfielders to enhance the speed and power confrontation.


Looking at the tactical level, Barcelona chose Setien to take over in the middle of the season because the team tried to regain the lost motivation, and Setien, who is a believer in Barcelona's godfather Cruyff, was favored.


It’s just that Setien’s coaching experience really demonstrates his belief in passing and controlling football. The number of passes in the first game of coaching Barcelona has also exceeded a thousand (1005). However, his tactical concept obviously does not get the true meaning of Cruyff, and he has been unable to solve the emergence of Barcelona. Many problems.


Fortunately, the strength of Barcelona is that the top players in the team can always lead the team with their personal ability.


It is not difficult to understand that Messi's goals have fallen this season, but he has set a record for assists in La Liga history.


Next, facing the familiar “background wall” of Bayern, Messi’s personal breakthrough and play are still Barcelona’s strongest weapon, and it is also the object of Bayern’s defense that Bayern’s defense has always been unable to block the personal play of this technical player. In the last game, even Odoi had torn Bayern's defense on his own.


So the German media revealed that Bayern had divided the training field before the game, and it could be said that it had made a lot of effort to defend Messi.


Not surprisingly, Bayern’s pressure to defend Messi in this campaign will fall on the 19-year-old Davis, which may be a great hidden danger.


Mueller suggested that “you cannot defend Messi alone, you must use collective power.” However, if Bayern feels that as long as it defends Messi, everything will be fine, and it will inevitably be punished! Don’t forget that Griezmann gave Bayern a tragic blow at Atletico Madrid four years ago. His occasional flash is enough to change the game; Dembele has returned from injury and can make his debut. He led Dortmund in the German Cup in 2017. The reversal of Bayern...


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