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Tiger Fight, September 27, in an interview with the Fundación TELMEX Telcel of Mexico, the Spanish legend Casillas, who announced his retirement in August, said: "I was more of a substitute under Bosque for competitive reasons. Neo’s staff are more personal reasons. For my farewell to Real Madrid, I think I and the club have done wrong, but Real Madrid fans don’t worry, I’m sure this mistake can be fixed."

在9月27日的Tiger Fight中,墨西哥传奇人物卡西利亚斯(Casillas)于八月宣布退休,他在接受墨西哥基金会(TELAEX)墨西哥电信基金会采访时说:“188bet亚洲真人体育下载网址出于竞争原因,我更像是博斯克领导下的替代者。为了告别皇马,我想我和俱乐部做错了,但是皇马球迷们并不担心,我相信这个错误是可以解决的。”

"Obviously there have been a lot of changes in life. From the conventional life where you have things to do every day to the present, this makes you now have to recreate something in your life and work. I'm lucky Very well, I have vaguely felt that my career is gradually coming to an end since 2 or 3 years ago, and the myocardial infarction a year and a half ago basically ended the way I continued to play football. Due to what I have experienced before, retirement is about to happen sooner or later, but I don’t have any problems with it because I’m ready.”


"I miss it very much, and I feel very sorry, because time flies too fast, but at that time this young man had a very happy time with his friends and family. I was in my parents’ hometown, in my grandparent’s town, I was lucky. I ended up doing my favorite thing, and that was playing football."


"Mostoles is a city 20 kilometers away from Madrid. It is a city for people to sleep. If all of us here are going to work in Madrid, we will call this city like that. Everyone has to spend money to work. The last hour and a half, I was almost 20 years, well maybe 15-16 years, from the age of 9 to 18 years old, I used to go to Real Madrid’s old sports city to train, every day. My father drove together. It was very exhausting. Now when people see you, they will remember your glory on the field more than the sacrifices and sacrifices your parents made before. This is a city that nurtured me. I have very close ties with this city because all the people there love me very much."

“ Mostoles是一个距马德里20公里的城市。这是一个供人们睡眠的城市。如果我们所有人要在马德里工作,我们将这样称呼这座城市。每个人都必须花钱上班。最后一个一个半小时,我快9岁到18岁,差不多20岁,大概15-16岁,我每天都去皇家马德里的老体育城训练,我父亲一起开车。太累了。现在人们看到你时,他们会记得你在田野上的荣耀,而不仅仅是你父母做过的牺牲和牺牲。这是一个孕育着我的城市。我与这座城市有着非常紧密的联系,因为那里的所有人非常爱我。”

"Actually, my parents have always been very strict on the issue of academics. What's interesting is that my father has always been very fond of football, and he also thinks I can play goalkeeper. He knows that I was very good at that time. Basically All the coaches I have had thought so. Everyone saw me as the future goalkeeper of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team. On the other hand, my mother was the kind of person who wanted me to keep my feet on the ground. There are a lot of compliments, but she always blocks those compliments and drags me back to reality. I think when you are young, you must have such parents, and they also clearly want to remind you that not everything is so simple , To remind you that everything has a process and there is a way to work hard. I was already training in Real Madrid when I was 9 years old. This is a great financial expense for my parents. I His mother sometimes cleaned other people’s houses. My father worked in the National Guard. He wanted to study law at the time, but he gave up his studies in order to fulfill his son’s dream of playing football. . In the end, the story ended very well, but I have countless teammates who stopped on this road. They didn’t have that good luck, so for the people and children watching us, I also want to tell them that there is At that time you have to make great sacrifices, but it is not that you will be able to get the results you want if you sacrifice."

“实际上,我的父母在学业问题上一直非常严格。有趣的是,我的父亲一直很喜欢足球,他还认为我可以打守门员。他知道我当时很出色。基本上所有我曾经想过的教练都如此,每个人都把我视为皇马和西班牙国家队的未来门将,另一方面,我的母亲就是那种希望我坚持到底的人。赞美很多,但她总是阻止这些赞美并使我回到现实中,我想你小时候一定要有这样的父母,他们显然也想提醒你,并非一切都那么简单,提醒你一切都有一个过程,有一种努力的方法。我9岁的时候就已经在皇马接受训练了,这对我的父母来说是一笔不菲的经济支出。我他的母亲有时会打扫别人的房屋,父亲工作在国民警卫队当时学习法律,但为了实现儿子的足球梦想,他放弃了学业。 。最后,故事结局很好,但是我有无数的队友在这条路上停了下来。他们没有那么幸运,所以对于看着我们的人民和孩子们,我也想告诉他们,那时你必须做出巨大的牺牲,但这并不是说你将能够取得成果如果你愿意牺牲的话。”

"I experienced this when I was very young. My mother conceived me when the National Guard had the hardest relationship with the Basque Country. At that time, they killed a member of the National Guard and my father At that time, I chose the job of the National Guard because of the better economic treatment. My name is completely because my parents like the name Iker very much. My brother is Unai, which is also the name of a Basque. That’s how my parents decided to call me this name for me who lives in Madrid. It was curious at first, because I think there were not many Ikers in Madrid at that time, and there were not many in Madrid, let alone. Mostores, and I felt like I had to go to school, and then I introduced my name to everyone on the first day, and then everyone looked at me and felt like a freak. It was very embarrassing, because Iraq Kerr is not an ordinary name, but slowly everyone accepted it, and I remember that I saw a report not long ago that Iker became the most popular newborn in Spain in 2000, 2005 or 2006. first name."


"Really? I didn't know before."


"I don’t know, I don’t know, but it also makes me feel very proud, I also think it’s a wonderful thing, but I was really scared when I went to school the first day because of the name, because when they When I read my name from the list, everyone looks at me like a freak, and sometimes I tell my friends not to call me Iker when they see me on the street, I let them call I'm Rick, this is my nickname, but slowly everyone gets used to it."


"What you just said makes sense. I remember the first day I went to the Real Madrid Sports City to participate in the test when I was 9 years old. At that time, there were about 300 children. The conditions in the dressing room were obviously not as good as they are now. Change, but the conversation between the head of Real Madrid’s youth training and me is like this: “Of all the children here, among these 300 or so children, one may be promoted to the Real Madrid team, or no one can be promoted to the Real Madrid team. , And some people may stop in the middle of the road, may play West 2 or West 3. Of all those kids at the time, the only one who was promoted to Real Madrid’s first team was me. When I think about it, of course it will be very Nostalgia, it will be a little regretful, and it will feel like the goose bumps are coming out, but this is the fact that many people have stayed on the way, countless expectant children and parents, and they have made countless sacrifices, but not everyone can If I wish, I am lucky. I have the luck that no one else has, and I gradually rise to a higher level until I finally rise to the first team, but this is a very difficult road."

“您刚才说的是有道理的。我记得我9岁那年去皇家马德里体育城参加考试的第一天。那时,大约有300个孩子。更衣室里的条件是改变,但是皇马青年训练负责人和我之间的对话是这样的:“在这里的所有孩子中,在这300个左右的孩子中,有一个可能被提升为皇马球队,或者没有人可以晋升为皇家马德里队,有些人可能会停在路中间,可能会玩West 2或West3。在当时的所有孩子中,唯一一个被提升为皇马的第一支球队是我,当我想到它的时候,当然会很怀旧,这会有些遗憾,而且感觉就像是鸡皮bump来了,但这是许多人留下来的事实。途中,无数的孕妇和父母,他们做出了无数的牺牲,但没有每个人都可以,如果我愿意,我很幸运。我很幸运,没有其他人,我逐渐上升到更高的水平,直到我最终升入一线队,但这是一条非常艰难的道路。”

"Yes, it is indeed one of the most beautiful. And the most interesting thing is that I was in class... I don’t remember what class I was in. It seemed to be design. I happened to be talking about Real Madrid with my classmates because of the team. I’ve had poor performance in many games, and I’m just like any Real Madrid fan. I had a friend at the time who was an Atletico fan, one was a Barcelona fan, and the rest were basically Real Madrid’s. So we were talking about that time In that round of the league, Real Madrid tied the game, and the scene was not beautiful. As fans, we have the right to criticize those players, right? And the fun is that before class, someone came to our classroom and we all turned around, everyone At the time, they all knew that I was playing for the Real Madrid echelon, and they also knew that I was playing for the Spanish national youth team. Then the person in charge came forward and said to the teacher: "Iker has to leave the classroom for a while because I have to talk to him. .'At first, I didn’t pay much attention when they asked me to go out, but the 15 or 20 meters walking in the teacher’s corridor made me a little nervous, because I had never encountered such a thing before, because it might also It was bad news. But then he assured me that he said that it was not any bad thing, it was good news, "Real Madrid is calling you to participate in the Champions League match, the principal is downstairs, go and talk to him, he will be nice to you Explain the situation. "I was confused at first. I didn't understand what he said to me. I thought it was a joke. Then I went downstairs and saw the principal. He also knew that I was playing for Real Madrid. He said that the club had already I called him and said I had to go to the airport to meet them, and then go to Norway. Think about it, you just criticized Real Madrid and those players, and then you will fly to Norway with them."

“是的,它的确是最漂亮的之一。最有趣的是我在上课……我不记得我上了什么课。那似乎是设计。我碰巧在谈论Real马德里因为团队的缘故与我的同学们在一起。我在许多比赛中表现不佳,就像任何皇家马德里球迷一样。我当时有一个朋友是马竞球迷,一个是巴塞罗那球迷,剩下的基本上是皇马了,所以我们当时谈论的是在那轮联赛中,皇马并列比赛,场面并不漂亮。作为球迷,我们有权批评那些球员,对吗?有趣的是,上课之前,有人来到我们的教室,我们所有人都转过身,每个人当时都知道我在为皇家马德里队效力,他们也知道我在为西班牙国家青年队效力。然后负责人挺身而出,对老师说:“艾克必须离开教室一段时间,因为我必须和他谈谈。 “起初,当他们要我出去时,我并没有特别注意,但是在老师的走廊里走188bet亚洲真人体育下载网址了15到20米,让我有点紧张,因为我以前从未遇到过这样的事情,因为它可能这也是个坏消息。但是后来他向我保证,他说这没什么不好,这是个好消息,“皇马在呼唤您参加欧洲冠军联赛,校长在楼下,去和他谈谈,他会很好向您解释情况。“起初我很困惑。我不明白他对我说了什么。我以为是个玩笑。然后我下楼去见校长。他还知道我在为皇家马德里效力。他说俱乐部已经给我打电话了,说我必须去机场接他们,然后去挪威。想一想,您只是批评皇马和那些球员,然后您将与他们一起飞往挪威。”

"Yes, as you said, I went from chatting with my classmates to sitting at the same table for dinner with Seedorf, Morientes, Raul, Suk, Mijatović and Carlos. It's like who won the big prize for Disney. I spent three days in Norway with Real Madrid stars, and it was the team that won the seventh Champions League trophy in team history."


"Yes, I don’t know if it was a fateful arrangement, but it is true that my debut was when I was 18 years old. I became the third goalkeeper of the first team in the 1999-2000 season. Before that, I won the U20 World Cup. The club allowed me to be promoted to the B team and become a member of the first team. How did the first show happen? Because the World Cup champion and European Cup champion Ilgna suffered a series of minor injuries, which made him unable to train comfortably. At that time, I was left with Pizzari. We were both primary school students. I was 18 years old and he was 20 years old. We were the only two of us in the preseason for a month and a half. Then? In September, Iraq Ergner still did not recover. He was close to comeback at the time. It was still a few days or a week away. Then Bisari injured his collarbone. After the international game day, when the game started, he was already familiar with mine in the preseason. Tosak told me directly that I would play in Bilbao. He saw that I played well in the preseason and adapted well. He had no problem with this. He said he knew that Bilbao was difficult at home. , But he thinks I’m ready, and everything started from there. The expectation that the kid you saw in the video before is that the dream really started to come true at that time, that is, to complete the first team show."

“是的,我不知道这是否是个决定性的安排,但的确,我的处子秀是在我18岁的时候。我在1999-2000赛季成为一线队的第三位门将。在此之前,我赢得了U20世界杯冠军。俱乐部让我晋升为B队并成为一线队的成员。第一场比赛是怎么发生的?因为世界杯冠军和欧洲杯冠军Ilgna遭受了一系列轻伤,当时我只有小学生,我只有18岁,他只有20岁,是我们季前赛中唯一的两个人九月,伊拉克的埃尔格纳仍然没有康复,那时他已经快要复出了,距离他还有几天或一周的时间,然后比萨里受伤了他的锁骨。比赛开始了,他在季前赛已经对我很熟悉了。 o。他看到我在季前赛中表现出色,适应能力也很好。他对此没有任何问题。他说他知道毕尔巴鄂在家很难。 ,但是他认为我已经准备好了,一切都从那里开始。您之前在视频中看到的那个孩子的期望是那个梦想真正开始实现,那就是完成第一场团队表演。”

"It's quite curious. Hierro was with me at the time, but Hierro was a very assertive person. He thought it would be better for me to be alone so that I would not be distracted and that I would be more calm. So that night he let me stay in the room by myself. He thought it would be good for me and would make me not think about it, but it turned out to be the opposite, because all I needed was someone by my side to help me stay calm. I needed a Someone came to tell me how to play such an important game as the guest game Bibao. Although it has been so many years, I have not forgiven him for what he did that day, but it doesn’t matter. We are very good friends. The next day I will do my best I’m working hard to prepare. I should have played better. I think I played well in that first show. Although I lost two goals and the team drew 2-2, I think that at the age of 18, I started the game like this. It is very special and wonderful for me."


“I’m really lucky. Whenever you ask me about other people, I think I’m very lucky to be a member of that Real Madrid team. I think having a captain like Hierro is for everyone behind him. It’s very important to the people who have a captain like Sanchis. The two of them were basically the leaders who managed the locker room at that time. I think they are left to Raul, Guti, and Salgar. A lot of legacy is very important, because this legacy was also accepted by the rest of us, Ramos and I. Hierro and Sanchis were the Real Madrid in the 90s at the time, and it was the period I was most concerned about. It’s Real Madrid that I watched from a young age, but for me, playing with them is a dream. After that, I will work with Hierro as the director at the most glorious moment of the national team. There are countless anecdotes between us. It's something. And he is a very good friend of mine. We often meet and communicate frequently. This is something that no one can steal from you."


"For this question, everyone should be clear that when you join a team, not everything is easy. Behind all of this there are very precise moments, that is, all the lads make to achieve their goals. A moment of sacrifice. It was true that I lost my position in 2002. At that time Bosque thought Cesar was better, and I did not contribute the stable performance that I had previously contributed, and at that time all you should do is change from bad I think that when you encounter a crisis, what you should do is to readjust and analyze the situation. This is very helpful to me because I was only 20 years old at the time and won a Champions League before. , Two league champions, this situation also makes you re-analyze your career, you will reconsider, you will think that maybe all this will not be so easy forever. No matter what the reason, fate is like this Fragmentary, isn’t it? After basically not playing for a month and a half or two, we headed to Glasgow to play in the final, and then Cesar was injured, and the team was able to advance to the final largely thanks to him. His performance in the knockout round was a completely ridiculous action. He was injured and he had to be replaced by me. I was calm after playing. The team was leading 2-1. Indeed, the Germans were attacking afterwards because they were 1-2. To fall behind, they must equalize the score. Unintentionally, you and Zidane and other teammates became the protagonist of the game. Time flies quickly. I don’t know. The sacrifice of not playing for months will make you treat others. If you pay more attention to things, you will also get your own reward. In addition to the Champions League final, you will soon have to go to the World Cup with the team. Since I have not played for two months, Camacho decided to bring Canizares and Rica Many, he is our other goalkeeper, and then there is me. I didn’t play any game at that time. I was sure I would be the second or third goalkeeper. But Canizares’ injury made me play. The door opened again. I remember that Camacho told me not long after my 21st birthday that I was going to be the goalkeeper of the World Cup. He told me to stand up. It was a very wonderful World Cup for me. I It felt very good. I felt that I as a goalkeeper had completely changed at that time. I started to transform into my own after that. I gained a lot of strength in that World Cup. Unfortunately, I was in the quarterfinals. During the game, well, all the fans know that there were a series of referee whistleblowing that affected many national teams. We were one of them. They took away our chance to advance to the semifinals, but I personally like it. I felt that I needed that part of the road at the time and needed improvement before I could become the next Cassie."

“对于这个问题,每个人都应该清楚,当您加入一个团队时,并非一帆风顺。在所有这些背后,都有非常精确的时刻,即所有小伙子们为实现自己的目标而付出的时刻。牺牲的时刻。的确,我在2002年失去了职位。那时,博斯克认为塞萨尔(Cesar)更好,并且我没有贡献过我以前贡献的稳定表现,那时您应该做的就是改变糟糕的状况,我认为当您遇到危机时,您应该做的就是重新调整并分析情况。这对我非常有帮助,因为当时我才20岁,之前曾获得欧洲冠军联赛冠军,两名联赛冠军,这种情况也使您重新分析您的职业,您会重新考虑,您会认为所有这一切都不会永远那么容易。不管是什么原因,命运像这样的零散,不是吗?第二,我们前往格拉斯哥参加决赛,然后塞萨尔(Cesar)受了伤,车队在很大程度上要归功于他。他在淘汰赛中的表现完全是荒谬的。他受伤了,他必须由我代替。玩完之后我很平静。球队以2-1领先。的确,德国人随后发动进攻,因为他们是1-2。要落后,他们必须使得分相等。您和Zidane以及其他队友无意间成为了游戏的主角。时间过得很快。我不知道。几个月不玩的牺牲会让您善待他人。如果您更多地关注事物,您还将获得自己的奖励。除了冠军联赛决赛之外,您还必须与球队一起参加世界杯。由于我已经缺席两个月了,卡马乔决定带上Canizares和Rica Many,他是我们的另一个门将,然后还有我。当时我没有玩任何游戏。我确定我会成为第二或第三名门将。但是Canizares的受伤使我无法踢球。门又开了。我记得,卡玛乔在21岁生日过后不久告诉我,我将成为世界杯的守门员。他叫我站起来。对我来说,那是一场非常精彩的世界杯。我感觉很好。我觉得我当时的门将已经完全改变了。之后,我开始转变为自己的。在那届世界杯上,我获得了很多力量。不幸的是,我进入了八强。在比赛中,所有的球迷都知道,有一系列裁判举报影响了许多国家队。我们就是其中之一。他们夺走了我们晋级半决赛的机会,但我个人很喜欢。我觉得当时我需要那部分路,并且需要改进才能成为下一个卡西。”

"The first thing I had to do was analyze my situation and analyze what happened. Why did it become like that? Why did Bosque think I should be a substitute. When you live in a wonderful bubble like playing for Real Madrid, then You should not pay attention to everything around you. I think this is a mistake. Fortunately, I responded quickly and I said:'Well, maybe I should think about what I did wrong'. For To be able to get what I want again, I need to work harder. I am surrounded by positive people, surrounded by positive family and friends. They will help you, not just saying what you want to hear. I think I was at that time I began to understand myself. I began to understand that without making sacrifices, I couldn’t become part of the elite world again. When I couldn’t play, I even thought about leaving Real Madrid. I thought I might rent out a team that I like and can A team that plays and can continue to grow, but I think I need to fight for my dreams. That is also a way to break down barriers. I think the most important thing for me at the time was to work hard in silence and work for myself. Give, give for the other teammates. In order not to let the teammates relax, I think this way makes everyone gain strength, the first to get help is me."


"Of course, Bosque knew me when I was 9 years old. That is to say, he knew me from the Real Madrid echelon. He knew me too well. He knew my family, my parents, and everyone. Me and He has met countless times. I think he has played a very important part in the growth of my Real Madrid first team, because he gave me a stable opportunity. He chose to believe in me during a very sensitive period, and we also Cooperating in the national team, I think he is an extremely good person, and there have been moments of disagreement between us, but well, I think these can always be resolved through communication, and both parties are eager to forget the previous things. Yes, of course I have had countless exchanges with him in the past few months, as well as with other friends in common. I think Bosque is a necessary person for football. I remember him before the World Cup finals. A paragraph that I said to us, he could have analyzed the Dutch players with us, but he said that we are 23 young men with a heavy responsibility, and that responsibility is to win the World Cup, but don’t forget that there are countless people behind each of us. Analyzing our behavior all the time, it is possible for us to make all the children behind us happy, and we can let them see what it is like to win the World Cup."


"The feeling is that Real Madrid is the supreme glory for any player. I think Florentino's philosophy of introducing the strongest player at the time was an extra motivation and an extra reinforcement for us. I have a sense of that period. It’s a wonderful memory. It’s true that the last year of the Galaxy Battleship was unlucky. The team did not win the championship for many years, but between 2000 and 2003, we won two Champions Leagues, two leagues, and countless championships. Joining Real Madrid gives The players are more famous, because Real Madrid jerseys are not ordinary jerseys, and our original players in the team are also more well-known to the world. I think Florentino is very smart in this respect. He knows how to Bringing the club to its current position, the greatest football club in history, I think it’s a good thing for everyone."


"Very big, I have experienced those wonderful moments, and I am also fortunate to have experienced this responsibility and these pressures when I was in the echelon. Let me give you an example: When I was 13 and 14 years old when I was playing in the echelon, if we lost With one or two goals, even if you win the game 8-2, the coach will ask you why you missed two goals. This is also compared in the echelon. In fact, each echelon compares who lost the ball before. Less. It means that you have to bear this pressure when you are in the echelon, and then after you go to the first team, I personally know how to take it, because I have already understood what a Real Madrid goalkeeper is, although it is different from the echelon. , But I know what kind of pressure there will be. And in every game, the team lineup is the same. We are a team that always has to attack. Then you have a lot of defense. When you lose the ball, then You will always be criticized. What's more, the team used to have a very good performance. It is a team that has won multiple championships, but well, when I play for Real Madrid, I know what each game will be like. , We have to play every three days and take responsibility every three days. If the full score is 10, it is obviously difficult to maintain an 8-point level at Real Madrid, but I do like to play with this responsibility."

“很大,我经历了那些美好的时刻,我也很幸运在梯队中经历了这种责任和压力。让我举一个例子:当我13岁和14岁时,我在比赛在梯队中,如果我们输了一个或两个进球,即使您以8-2赢得比赛,教练也会问您为什么错过了两个进球,这在梯队中也进行了比较。实际上,每个梯队都会比较谁输了较少,这意味着您在梯队中必须承受这种压力,然后在您进入一线队后,我个人知道该怎么做,因为我已经了解了皇马的门将是的,尽管它与梯队不同,但是我知道会有什么样的压力,而且在每场比赛中,球队的阵容都是相同的。我们是一支总是需要进攻的球队,那么你会有很多防守。当您丢球时,您将永远受到批评。此外,球队过去很好的表现。这支球队赢得了多个冠军,但是当我为皇马效力时,我知道每场比赛会是什么样。 ,我们必须每三天玩一次,每三天负责。如果满分是10,显然很难在皇家马德里保持8分的水平,188bet亚洲真人体育下载网址但是我很乐意承担这个责任。”

"I think the two situations are completely different, because one may be more for competitive reasons, and the other more for personal reasons. Two people who got along well in the first two and a half years in the last year There are disagreements in the team, but this kind of thing is normal. When you have such an important position, because you are no longer just the goalkeeper, but the team captain, then you must constantly communicate with the coach, but this does not mean you are Must be higher than the coach, and eventually there will be problems, because you basically communicate with him every day, and then at a certain moment, the relationship between the two will be lost, and then in terms of personal level, Mourinho thinks that the teammates were better than I’m in better condition, or coupled with the fact that my relationship with him is not so good, then this means that it’s not that difficult for him to choose between the two goalkeepers, but I think there are many things people don’t understand. They don’t know many things, they only know the superficial things, but Mourinho and I have a very good relationship. After Real Madrid’s cooperation, the two of us have met many times, and we have also said good things to each other. It’s a question of who continues to resent because of the past. At that time, everyone was doing things in a way that they thought was better for the team. I decided maybe not to get too close to him because I didn’t like what I saw at the time. Thing, and he chose other teammates because he thinks his teammates are in better shape, but nothing more. I think the two experiences are very different, and I was 33 years old the second time, and I was more mature. I also think more about the club and don’t want to create more controversy than at the time. If I do it again, I might still do the same. I didn’t do anything wrong. I think I’m not wrong. What we didn’t want was Mourini. Austria has a bad influence on Real Madrid."


"I think it will always be the same. It is hard work and hard work. Among the coaches I have, one of the coaches that has a great influence on me is Aragones. He once told me that I must do Don’t look at the coach or teammates. What I should do is look at myself and consider how I can improve and how to change myself to get another chance. I think it’s about the same. For those who work, consider whether the boss recognizes you Or why not recognize you is not particularly important. If I do things well myself, if I try my best to help other people, try my best to help myself, then you should be rewarded."


"Of course I think that I and the club are doing something wrong. I think this is a way of saying goodbye that no player should get. For me, if one day a player wants to leave Real Madrid, then I hope he can get the match. The farewell method that deserves his contribution and honor. I think we all learned a lesson from it. I am the first person to dislike that. After all, this is Real Madrid, and I played for Real Madrid for a long time. I think This is not good for both parties, but I believe that one day we will wipe out this small unpleasantness. We will deal with it in order to make everyone happy, so that those who leave will be recognized and let them gain It's worthy of their farewell, so Real Madrid fans don't worry, I am sure we will restore the relationship one day."


"I don’t know if everyone is the same. Obviously the photos of lifting the trophy will last forever in history, but you have to be grateful every day, because many people in the world have the same experience with me, but unfortunately The thing is that they have not been able to see the one they love again. I saw the news when I was in the hospital. I saw the world, not only football, but the whole society caring for me. I only have gratitude for that. Thank people who care about me for spending their time praying and blessing for me. And I encountered this at an age when I had gained everything. If I encountered this at the age of 22, 23 or 25, it would be huge. It’s a blow. But when I look back on the past, when I see the journey I have traveled, I find that I can’t ask for more. I can only thank myself for the time I got to play football, thank me I have experienced everything, thank you for everything I have won, thank you for the happiness I have brought to everyone. I am sure that there are more sad things than sad things, and as it can happen to anyone, I have encountered this thing, but lucky The thing is that we dealt with it very quickly, and I can still talk with you here, and now I can tell everyone here to live in the present, don’t think about next week, think about tomorrow is the most important thing."


"I was going to training. We warmed up before training. The goalkeeper was warmed up separately. When I joined the team, I started to feel uncomfortable in my chest. I thought it might be an allergy or the weather was too hot because it was blooming. At that time, the pain suddenly intensified and it made me unable to walk or breathe. When I had to sit on the ground, I told the physical therapist that I felt wrong, called the doctor, and the team doctor came over, but they didn’t tell me at all. I may have a heart attack. They should be afraid that I will be nervous and cause the disease to start early. He calmed my mood, then took me to the locker room to change clothes, and then told me to calm down and we drove the car. I arrived at the hospital. When I arrived at the hospital, they dealt with it quickly and performed the operation soon. The anecdote was that after the operation, I said to the doctor: "Fortunately, I am here. I will have a heart attack later. Send it.' He replied:'You have had a myocardial infarction just now, but we are lucky that we have completed the operation. So you are welcome to come back to life again. You are very lucky, smile, because there are not many people like this. Can come alive.'"


"I want to be honest, compared to 17 months ago, I am not so scared now. After experiencing this kind of thing, the first month, the first six months are obviously...but the first week I was I am very anxious. I don’t know if I will get sick again, and I don’t understand why I will encounter this kind of thing. A football player, a life without stress, a person with a more peaceful life, this kind of thing will make You reconsider many aspects. During this period of time, Doctor Felipe Marcelo calmed me a lot. As time passed, I felt better and better. I have a documentary that started with my illness. I see it will be broadcast at the end of the year, so you can let everyone see what to do when you encounter such a thing. Indeed, I did not go back under the goal again, I did not fly into the ball anymore, I think I will be very strenuous ( Laughing), my back will hurt, but I do feel better. This is very important to me, because I have found myself, a different Iker, a stronger mentality Iker, an Iker who will cherish more than football."

“说实话,与17个月前相比,我现在并不那么害怕。经历了这种事情之后,第一个月,头六个月显然是……但是我的第一周我很着急我不知道我是否会再次生病,我也不明白为什么会遇到这种事情,一个足球运动员,一个没有压力的生活,一个更加和平的人,这种事情会让您重新考虑各个方面,在这段时间里,费利佩·马塞洛医生让我很平静,随着时间的流逝,我的状况越来越好,我有一部以我的病开始的纪录片,我认为它将在年底播出。那一年,这样你就可以让所有人看到遇到这种事情时该怎么做。确实,我没有再回到球门之下,我也没有飞过球了,我想我会非常努力(笑) ,我的背部会受伤,但我的确会好起来。这对我来说非常重要,因为我发现自己,一个不同的艾克尔,更坚强的心态y Iker,一个比足球更珍惜的Iker。”

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