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No matter how the NBA stumbles this season, it is finally over today. LeBron won the fourth of his career, the thick eyebrows won the first of his career, the Lakers won the 17th in team history, to comfort Kobe and Gigi's spirit in the sky, Jeanie Buss and Pelinka justified their names, it seems like a happy script .


A year ago, when we predicted the championship this season, we could not escape three teams, the Lakers, the Clippers, and the Bucks. At that time, not many people were optimistic about the Lakers. The Clippers have to be fast and strong this season, whether it is a free agent signing in the summer or a lineup reinforcement in the mid-season, and is aimed at the Lakers. They have prepared two MVP+DPOY stars for James and Thick Eyebrows, whether they are Lun Both Nader and George are players who can attack and defend, and can provide equal consumption on both ends of the court; there are two players on the bench, plus Beverly and Zubac, it seems that once the two teams meet, the Lakers There are not many opportunities. The Bucks have the MVP of the last two years, the abnormal player Antetokounmpo, and a large group of shooters headed by Middleton around + assault points, it seems that they also have the strength to pull the emperor down.

一年前,当我们预测本赛季的冠军时,我们无法逃脱三支球队,即湖人,快船和雄鹿。当时,没有多少人对湖人感到乐观。无论是夏天的自由球员签约,还是赛季中期的阵容加强,快船队都必须快速而强大,而且是针对湖人的。他们已经为詹姆斯和“浓眉”准备了两名MVP + DPOY明星,无论他们是伦,纳德和乔治都是可以进攻和防守的球员,可以在球场两端提供同等的消费。替补席上有两名球员,再加上贝弗利和祖188bet亚洲真人体育下载网址巴克,看来一旦两支球队相遇,湖人的机会就不多了。雄鹿拥有最近两年的最有价值球员,异常球员Antetokounmpo,以及由米德尔顿(Middleton)率领的大批射手+进攻点,看来他们也有力量拉倒皇帝。

But the result? Several teams count the sky and the earth, but they did not count that the sudden epidemic has brought too many variables. Although the excessively long rest gave the players enough time to recuperate and rest, it caused most players to lose gear. After the rematch, people in the park were unstable, and players' mentality was out of balance and violations of discipline and regulations occasionally occurred. The three most important things are that Lu Wei goes to the funeral nightclub, House’s late-night fishing girl and the Bucks take the lead to stop the game, but there are three teams with players: Clippers, Rockets, Bucks, or the Lakers. Direct playoff opponents, or the Lakers' biggest imaginary enemy on the way to win the championship.


The Rockets are not strong enough, and there is nothing to say about being eliminated. The Lakers, Clippers and Bucks are the three teams with the strongest attitude to strike in the late game. Three teams have players more or less affected by the emotion of the strike, but in the end only the Lakers insisted. In the end, the Clippers and Bucks were eliminated by the Nuggets and Heat in the semifinals respectively, and they didn't even touch the door to the conference finals. They also succeeded in the finals and broke the two biggest upsets in the playoffs this season.


As a result, the clash of the century in the Los Angeles Derby did not take place, and the old and new kingships between Antetokounmpo and LeBron failed to appear. Who would have thought that the last two opponents of the Lakers in this season's playoffs were the Nuggets and the Heat?


Thinking of this, we can see that luck is indeed an indispensable part of the championship, and even as important as strength. Throughout the Western Conference Finals and the Finals, although the Lakers did not show the Warriors' ability to crush opponents and play games without suspense, their ability to control the game is obviously not at the same level as the Nuggets or Heat. Of course The root of their ability comes from LeBron James.


Regardless of the taste of the finals, LeBron can be regarded as completing another milestone in his career. He led the Lakers to sweep the finals with 3 rounds of 4-1 and a round of 4-2 in the finals, winning almost without hindrance. champion. Looking back at LeBron's past 10 finals trips, this year is the easiest time in the whole journey. There is no running around at home and away, no boos from the audience, and no off-court factors to distract him. These are an inexplicable advantage for the 35-year-old.


LeBron's current ability has indeed reached the stage. The rhythm, situation, direction, and judgment on the court are all too accurate. I sometimes even guess that maybe LeBron has reached the highest level of basketball now—— Jordan's personal abilities undoubtedly surpass everyone, including LeBron, but for the control of the game and the ability to win the game with the greatest probability, James is definitely the best in history.


When LeBron was young, it was like a bushfire, burning all combustible objects around him fiercely and violently, and all the obstacles in the way were reduced to ashes. Today's LeBron is more like a dark tide, which can be swallowed silently, or set off a huge wave in an instant.


In "Shooting the Eagles", when Hong Qi taught Guo Jing's move "Kang Long has regrets", he often said to Guo Jing the so-called "Prosperity is not long". It is difficult to maintain long-term power for the martial arts of fierce way. Qi Gong Jiang Long and Eighteen Palms became famous, but the real use to fight Ouyang Feng was to use the "softness" and "change" as the root of the dog-stick method.


This is the case for LeBron. The sturdy style of play when he was young can still be used now, but it is "not long-lasting", so he uses series, support, screens, defense, and running as a continuous delivery of blows to opponents. source.


In the first game, he pushed back on the offensive end, found thick eyebrows, called a pick-and-roll, got outside, and took two points. He trusted Rondo and the thick eyebrows at the top of the arc, leaving them a lot of opportunities to handle the ball, and he went to do it for his teammates. Screening and responding, in addition to counterattacks, he also has to seize the right opportunity to name three white guards in the Heat's backcourt and force them one by one.


In the second game, he relied on running position to absorb defense. Relying on his own experience and physical ability, he broke the Heat's zone defense alone. He either stood at the free throw line or stood a step outside the three-second zone of the baseline, without touching the ball. After breaking up the defense position of the bottom line, and then seizing the opportunity to transfer the ball, the thick eyebrows either cut into the basket from the back of the baseline or cut from the top line to the basket. James was able to accurately send the ball to the thick eyebrow’s mouth. In a few games, the Heat sharply reduced the number of their own defenses, because James has used his own original defensive stunt to destroy the bones of the Heat.


In the third game, the Heat changed and the thick eyebrows were locked. He made 8 turnovers. The Lakers were caught off guard and lost one game.


In the fourth game, the Lakers changed their targeted measures against Butler. Davis defended Butler. The Heat did not find a way to crack the top card in the entire game. The Heat doubled thick eyebrows, and the thick eyebrows were difficult to score. LeBron started. Use points to help the team.


In the fifth game, he scored efficiently throughout the game, the Heat blocked the inside line and let the outside line, he made 6 three-pointers, if it weren't for a thick eyebrow injury, he should have won.


In the sixth game, he had no reservations, and in the half-time he used his own power to drive the bloody opponents of the team, and easily punish the exhausted Butler to death, and completely lost the suspense of the ownership of the championship and FMVP.


On the defensive end, he put more energy on Butler, who killed the Greens in the Eastern Conference finals. He strangled Murray, who was cutting the Clippers, in the Western Conference finals. And Shirlo's docile service. The Heat originally wanted to use four defensive fighters on the front line to take turns serving Zhan Mei, but for most of the finals, Butler was embarrassed by LeBron and Thick Eyebrow.


As you can see, the 35-year-old LeBron is already the most sophisticated efficiency calculation instrument on this court. He is different from Morey's pure mathematical basketball and probability basketball. His efficiency calculation is the most reasonable when and how to score points. , Can have the greatest probability of winning, he can handle the ball differently according to the different changes of the opponent’s defense, the pass inside, the screen, the transition to the top of the arc, the bottom line of the station attracts the defense, the three-pointer, Should hit the basket, should strike back, every decision is impeccable, and he does not make any useless consumption-there is no shooting distance in the last three seconds, rather wasting offensive opportunities, rather than making unnecessary long-wave shots; With thick eyebrows injured, it is difficult to catch the ball. He is definitely not like before. He has to consider driving his teammates. He is absolutely unambiguous when he carries the team and he is not stingy with physical strength.

如您所188bet亚洲真人体育下载网址见,拥有35年历史的勒布朗已经是这个球场上最复杂的效率计算工具。他不同于莫雷的纯粹数学篮球和概率篮球。他的效率计算是何时以及如何得分的最合理方法。 ,可以获胜的可能性最大,他可以根据对手的防守的不同变化而不同地处理球,传球,传球,掩护,过渡到弧顶,站底线吸引防守,三分球,应该投篮,应该反击,每项决定都是无懈可击的,而且他没有浪费任何精力-最近三秒钟没有投篮距离,而是浪费了进攻机会,而不是浪费了很多时间-浪花;眉毛浓密受伤,很难接住球。他绝对不像以前那样。他必须考虑带队友。当他带领球队时,他绝对是毫不含糊的,而且他的体力也不小气。

Do the most efficient things in the most reasonable way. This is a lesson that James taught all juniors in this season's playoffs. He is well-deserved in history in the ability to control the game in the most reasonable way. .

以最合理的方式做最有效的事情。这是詹姆斯在本赛季季后赛中教给所有大三学生的一课。他在历史上当之无愧以最合理的方式控制比赛的能力。 。

The year when Jordan was 35 was 1998, he won his last championship in his career. At the same age, James' dominance in the league was not inferior to Jordan, and even his durability was slightly better than that of Jordan-in the last season. After the game, it took me a long time to adapt to the NBA playoffs without LeBron, because the last time there was no LeBron in the NBA playoffs, the most popular song in China was "The First Snow in 2002" .

乔丹35岁的那年是1998年,他赢得了职业生涯的最后一个冠军。在同一年龄,詹姆斯在联盟中的统治地位并不逊色于乔丹,甚至在上个赛季他的耐力也比乔丹的耐力稍好。赛后,我花了很长时间才适应没有勒布朗的NBA季后赛,因为上次NBA季后赛中没有勒布朗,中国最受欢迎的歌曲是“ 2002年的第一场雪”。

Just one year later, only need to give James a big eyebrow brother, LeBron can not only lead the team into the playoffs, but also can directly win the 17th championship trophy in team history and tie the Celtics. Become one of the teams with the most championships in NBA history.


Think about it, exactly a year ago, this season was about to begin. Morey used a stupid tweet to push the world’s highest-level basketball league into the abyss in China. At the end of January, the helicopter on the outskirts of Los Angeles crashed into the valley. , Become a generation of Chinese, fans who have spanned 15 years are eternally painful.

想一想,正好在一年前,这个季节即将开始。莫雷用愚蠢的推文将世界上最高水平的篮球联赛推向了中国的深渊。 1月底,洛杉矶郊区的直升机坠入了山谷。 ,成为一代中国人,跨越15年的歌迷永远痛苦不已。

And today, LeBron led the team to win the NBA championship, which is finally the most perfect end to this most imperfect season.


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