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Time will always erode the past years, making memories gradually mottled. Those stars who have accompanied us, those legends who have influenced football, use the football under their feet to depict a colorful and colorful world.


Knowing the ball Emperor grandly launched the Football Hall of Fame, condensing the touch that every legend brings to us. Every Tuesday night at ten o'clock, wonderful presentations.


Playing for the Gunners for eleven years, the non-flying Dutchman Bergkamp dedicated all his peak years to Arsenal.


Today's Bergkamp has long since said goodbye to the greenery with the deepest love of the gunmen fans, but when the evening breeze in North London stroked the Emirates Stadium, we clearly saw the graceful dancer carrying the fragrance of tulips stepping on the graceful Dance steps, re-interpret all the peaks and troughs of his 20-year career.


In the 1997-1998 season, in the league home game against Leicester City, Bergkamp performed the only hat trick in his career as a Gunners. More importantly, these three goals are all classics, and they dominate the top three of the best goals in the Premier League of the month. This is unprecedented and rare in the history of the Premier League.


Born Bergkamp in Amsterdam in 1969, he entered the Ajax youth academy at the age of 12. This European’s most prestigious star processing factory once gave birth to the Dutch "Three Musketeers" and also trained it at that time. The mentor of Bergkamp, ​​"The Dutch Trapeze" Cruyff.


In 1986, Cruyff, then Ajax's technical director, promoted Bergkamp to the first team and personally taught him. On December 14 of the same year, "Kesheng" gave the ice prince the opportunity to make his debut in the first team.


In 1991, Van Gaal entered Ajax. Under his training, Bergkamp, ​​Witzger and Roy formed the team's "New Three Musketeers", and Bergkamp's growth has entered the fast lane.

1991年,范加尔(Van Gaal)进入阿贾克斯(Ajax)。在他的训练下,伯格坎普,维茨格和罗伊组成了团队的``新三剑客'',伯格坎普的成长进入了快车道。

From 1991 to 1993, his league goals were 24, 26 and 25. He became the top scorer in the Eredivisie for three consecutive seasons. He also won the title of best player in the Eredivisie in 1992 and 1993. He set a record for scoring 10 consecutive games in the league.


In more than six years of playing for the team, Bergkamp represented Ajax in 185 appearances and scored 103 goals. With his amazing performance in the Eredivisie, the young Bergkamp has been widely used by European giants. attention.


In 1993, the relationship between Bergkamp and Ajax ended. He refused the invitation of AC Milan, because there is the glory of the Dutch Three Musketeers, and he will never be able to accommodate himself;


He also rejected Barcelona because it belonged to his mentor Cruyff. Bergkamp wanted to go to a place where he could truly exert his abilities and create his own history instead of living under the light of his predecessors. As a result, Inter Milan became the new home of the Eredivisie golden boots.


However, Bergkamp, ​​one of the "New Three Musketeers", had a bad time at Inter. Wearing the No. 10 jersey, he was assigned to play as a center, not a shadow forward who is best and used to. Although he helped the team win the UEFA Cup in 1994, it was difficult for him to adapt to the team's tactics and the defensive style of Italian football.


In 52 games played for Inter Milan, Bergkamp only scored 11 goals, of which the past amazing sports goals are one of the few. Perhaps winning the 1994 UEFA Cup was one of the few happy times during Bergkamp's Inter Milan.


In June 1995, Rioki became Arsenal's new coach. The little-known coach did not bring the Gunners a trophy, but made an important decision to change the history of the team in the future-to sign Bergkamp from Inter Milan for £7.5 million. At this point, Highbury opened the 11-year "Ice Prince Era".


In October 1996, Wenger's arrival completely activated the Ice Prince. Regarding the Dutch philosophy of all-attack and all-defense football as a biblical professor, he has created his own brand new Arsenal with Bergkamp as the core.


The professor changed the boring style of the arsenal, allowing gun fans to see the most pleasing offensive football in the Premier League. It is precisely under the guidance of such tactics that Bergkamp, ​​who was born for beautiful football, has played more easily.


This has become an important reason why Bergkamp shines in Highbury. At that time, Ian Wright and the energetic Anelka were the direct beneficiaries of Bergkamp's football art.

这已经成为Bergkamp在海布里大放异彩的重要原因。当时,伊恩·赖特(Ian Wright)和精力充沛的阿内尔卡(Anelka)是伯格坎普足球艺术的直接受益者。

In 1999, the professor brought the young Henry to Highbury. After Ian Wright retired, Arsenal was able to find a trusted striker again. Since then, the eight-year "Ice Prince + Emperor" has been opened. Wonderful times.

1999年,教授将年轻的亨利(Henry)带到了海布里(Highbury)。伊恩·赖特(Ian Wright)退休后,阿森纳(Arsenal)再次找到了值得信赖的前锋。从那时起,已经开放了八年的“冰王子+皇帝”。美好的时光。

In 2001-2002, Arsenal regained the Premier League championship. In the 2003-2004 season, the Gunners under the leadership of Bergkamp and Henry created the myth of undefeated winning the championship. In the end, they extended this record to 49 games across the season.


Among the more than 100 goals that Bergkamp scored for the Gunners, the most exciting was the goal scored by Arsenal against Newcastle United on March 2, 2001.


At that time, Bergkamp turned his back to the goal from outside the penalty area, behind him with the opponent's defender Dabisas close guard, Pires passed a long-range ball from the left.


Without looking at the defender, Bergkamp stretched out his leg and touched the ball. The ball drew a small arc around Dabisus, while Bergkamp turned from the other side and successfully passed the ball. After that, all he did was to face the surprised opponent goalkeeper Shay alone to score the goal. This stunning goal became the best goal in Premier League history.


On July 22, 2006, Arsenal and visiting Ajax played a friendly match at the Emirates Stadium. This is the opener of the Gunners' new home, and it is also Bergkamp's farewell.


There is no tenacity and battle in the past in official games, only the warmth of long-lost reunion of old friends and the reluctant blessings of fans.


Similar to the Gunners’ career, Bergkamp also created his own legendary era in the Orange.


In 1990, he was selected for the national team for the first time. Two years later, the Swedish European Cup became the starting point for Bergkamp's national team career. In the 31st minute of the group match against Scotland, Gullit made a cross from the right, Van Basten made a header, Rijkaard ferryed, and Bergkamp scored the winning goal in front of the goal.


With the help of the "Three Musketeers", the ice prince scored his first goal in an international competition. This seems to herald the handover and inheritance of an era-after Bergkamp became the "Three Musketeers", the orange shirt The Legion’s new striker.


In the final match of the group stage with the rival German team, Bergkamp scored a header to help the team win, thus qualifying as the first place in the group. In the semi-finals with the Danish team, Bergkamp scored his third goal in this tournament. But reluctantly, that cup match seemed to belong to Denmark, which created fairy tales. The Dutch lost to their opponents in the penalty shootout and watched the fairy tale kingdom advance to the final, but he could only go home silently.


In the 1994 World Cup, only Rijkaard among the "Three Musketeers" was still in the team, and Bergkamp became the team's new hope.


In the third game of the group stage against Morocco, Bergkamp scored his first World Cup goal and helped the team qualify. In the subsequent 1/8 final against Ireland, it was the ice prince who took the lead and led the team to 2-0 to eliminate opponents and advance strongly.


In the quarter-finals against Brazil, Bergkamp stepped up after the team was two goals behind and blew the counterattack. He and Genk scored to help the team equalize. Unfortunately, the Brazilian Blanco used a four-seater free kick to rewrite the score to 3-2 at the last moment of the game, and the Dutch team had to accept the fate of being eliminated.


In the 1996 European Cup, after the era of the "Three Musketeers" was completely over, Bergkamp was duty-bound to assume the dual responsibility of the team's spiritual leader and tactical core. But at that European Cup, the performance of the Oranges was difficult to satisfy.


After narrowly qualifying with one win, one draw and one loss in the group stage, the Dutch team encountered their rivals France. In this campaign, the ice prince left the field due to injury, and the Dutch team fell on the penalty spot again, and it was Seedorf who replaced Bergkamp who lost the penalty.


In the Summer of France in 1998, Bergkamp, ​​who had just recovered from his injury, carried the banner of the Dutch team's offensive in the post-Three Musketeers era. After adapting to the group stage, Bergkamp gradually recovered his form and opened the scoring in the 1/8 final against Yugoslavia, helping the team advance 2-1.


The subsequent quarter-finals against Argentina was the battle of the Ice Prince. Bergkamp first assisted Kluivert with a header, and then received De Boer's long pass in the 89th minute of the game, and lightly unloaded the ball and dunked the defensive Ayala ejection to complete the lore!


This goal was regarded as his favorite goal by Bergkamp, ​​and this shot has become a classic picture in the history of the World Cup.


Regrettably, the Dutch team failed to go further in the subsequent semifinals against their old rival Brazil, and the place where they fell was the penalty spot.


In the 2000 European Cup, the 31-year-old Bergkamp vowed to lead the team to fight for the Gold Cup. However, the "penalty nightmare" swept once again-the Orange Corps made an incredible penalty in the semi-final penalty shootout. After losing five, Bergkamp, ​​who was replaced midway, lost to the penalty spot for the fourth time in his five World Series.


This year, it happened to be the tenth year that Bergkamp put on the orange jersey. After experiencing hardship and joy, the ice prince turned and left with the halo of the "Uncrowned King", ending his incomparable and no regrets. Orange clothes years.


Since becoming the Gunners in October 1996, Wenger has not only brought to the Arsenal the passionate era of championship trophy and duo contest, but also changed the team’s boring game style in the past by removing "boring boring boring Arsenal". hat of. Arsenal played the most passionate and mercury offensive football in all of London and even England.


There is no doubt that Bergkamp, ​​who was in full swing at the time, was an active practitioner and direct beneficiary of teaching art football. The ice prince and the professor had their own needs and achievements, and finally created the brilliant era of Arsenal at the turn of the century.


When the shining names of Bergkamp, ​​Vieira and Henry faded out of Arsenal's roster, the glory days of the Gunners came to an abrupt end. And when Professor Wenger turned and left, the arsenal seemed to be unable to find the golden and iron horse and the wonderful and tragic years.


I don’t know when everyone was impressed by Arsenal’s artistic football. For the author, the most memorable is the wonderful goal of Giroud, Cazorla and Wilshere against Norwich. .

我不知道什么时候每个人都会对阿森纳的艺术足球印象深刻。对于作者而言,最令人难忘的是Giroud,Cazorla和Wilshere对抗Norwich的精彩进球。 。

On October 19, 2013, Arsenal played against Norwich at home. Cazorla, Wilshere and Giroud joined forces to dedicate the team's goal in one go. The three of them all kicked the ball at the front of the opponent's penalty area. The artistic beauty of football, right?


Today, several players involved in this goal have left the arsenal, or are reborn, or transferred, or sinking. And when they took off the Gunners shirt and put on new outfits, it seemed that they also took away the remaining artistic atmosphere of Arsenal.


We miss Bergkamp. Perhaps we are not only looking forward to regaining the demeanor of the Arsenal, but also hoping that the beautiful football represented by the Ice Prince can be reborn at the Emirates Stadium, because this is what we follow and believe in Arsenal. The most original appeal.


After Professor Wenger's helpless retreat and Emery's panic, Arsenal invited back their former captain Arteta. Whether the Basque marshal can lead the arsenal to regroup is still unknown, but the Arsenal blood he has shed is what the club executives and gunner fans value most.


Whether playing for Arsenal or representing the Dutch national team in the World Series, Bergkamp has used his elegant style to conquer all fans.


As the organizer behind a center forward, the ice prince's strolling in the garden and the elegant and graceful stop of the ball made the viewers mesmerized. The classic hat-trick against Leicester City, the turn-and-go ball against Newcastle, and the extraordinary pick against Argentina have become wonderful fragments in the history of world football, embedded in the bright stars of the years.


Bergkamp’s fear of flying originated in the 1994 World Cup. The Dutch team returned to China by plane after being out of the game. However, a reporter’s joke (who claimed that there was a bomb in the bag) caused a delay in the departure time, which left a psychological shadow on him. In 1995, after the World Cup in the United States, Bergkamp moved from Inter Milan to Arsenal. Since then, Bergkamp has not taken a flight.

伯格坎普(Bergkamp)对飞行的恐惧源自1994年世界杯。荷兰队在比赛结束后乘飞机返回中国。但是,记者的笑话(声称行李中有炸弹)导致出发时间延迟,给他留下了心理阴影。 1995年,在美国举办了世界杯之后,伯格坎普从国际米兰搬到了阿森纳。从那时起,伯格坎普(Bergkamp)不再飞行。

In August 1997, against Leicester, Bergkamp performed a hat-trick in the Premier League for the first time, and every goal was a masterpiece. Among them, two goals and a goal against Southampton made Bergkamp dominate the BBC's monthly most Jia scored the top three goals, this is the only time in history.


In order to express his admiration for Dennis Law, Bergkamp’s father named him Dennis, but Denis was not recognized by the registry, so he added an n and became Dennis, which is more in line with the tradition of Dutch names.


After retiring, Bergkamp started his coaching career from Ajax.


In August 2009, Bergkamp began as the head coach of the Ajax youth team. In June 2011, the ice prince was appointed as the assistant coach of Ajax. In December 2017, Bergkamp’s Ajax coaching team was fired due to poor performance in the 2017-18 season.

2009年8月,伯格坎普开始担任阿贾克斯青年队的总教练。 2011年6月,冰王子被任命为阿贾克斯(Ajax)的助理教练。 2017年12月,由于2017-18赛季的表现不佳,贝尔格坎普(Bernkamp)的Ajax教练团队被解雇。

In March 2019, Bergkamp was appointed as the assistant coach of the U-21 youth team of Amel City. One day in the future, the Ice Prince will return to the Premier League and the Gunners. Why not?


1986-1993: Ajax: 185 games, 103 goals


1993-1995: Inter Milan: 52 games, 11 goals


1995-2006: Arsenal: 315 games, 87 goals


79 games, 37 goals


3 Premier League champions: 1997/1998 2001/2002 2003/2004

3个英超联赛冠军:1997/1998 2001/2002 2003/2004

4 FA Cup champions: 1997/1998 2001/2002 2002/2003 2004/2005

4 fa cup champions: 1997/1998 2001/2002 2002/2003 2004/2005

4 community shield champions: 1998/1999 1999/2000 2002/2003 2004/2005

4位社区盾牌冠军:1998/1999 1999/2000 2002/2003 2004/2005

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